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05 April 2005 at 08:56


I have a friend who goes regularly to a laughter club, a kind of Indian group therapy laughing session. It works well for him.

Actually I only have two and a half friends in total here in the UnHeard of McDonald Islands, and one of them's the dog. I usually let folk assume that I have a normal-sized social circle, but let's be honest here.

The laughter club friend is the half friend, a very nice guy but we meet so seldom that it would be cheating to count him as a full friend.

Apart from the dog, there's my main friend Kev, a recycling-obsessed Crocodile Dundee type who hates and loves women, and lives on a boat in the harbour with his part-time Japanese girlfriend. He's the most principled person I've met, and one of the best listeners, great to talk with, and we meet for coffee every week or two, and try to see the wacky side of world events. Not always easy.

Blogger Alec McClochendichter said...

nice dog  


Anonymous John McDoe said...

You’re lucking to have two and a half friends! I’ve only got a couple of friends as well and I’ve never left Scotland. I once described my friends to my nephew as either f***ed up, disturbed, or bizarre. Probably says it all.  


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