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15 May 2005 at 14:50

beer necessity

Last month, on the night before my birthday, I had another bucket of beer ready for bottling, but no bottles.

"Darling," said Cassandra, "what would you like to do tomorrow for your birthday? Whatever you want, we'll do it."

I longed to try something we had never done before, so I whispered my request in her ear. She took it well, next day we got up at 5 a.m. and set off in the rain, with the dog, several carrier bags and a rucksack. It was bin day, and while Cass restrained the dog I raked through some of the best recycling bins in the neighbourhood. That morning we collected 29 premium bottles before sunrise. The memory of the experience - man, woman and dog working together against the elements and bringing home the provisions - is a primal moment I'll always treasure. I'm lucky to have someone as adventurous and sporting as Cass.

She went off to work after breakfast, leaving me to get started on bottling the beer. I knew if I worked fast, I might just have time left to sort my plastic bag collection too.

Sad to say, all this is true. Read it now before I wipe it and deny it ever happened. This vow of self revelation is getting out of hand.

Historical note: I share my birthday with the Fuehrer, but that's just another coincidence, like the The Wedding Banquo.

Blogger hotboy said...

Your site was off for a bit last night! How many people have actually believed that Banquo's wedding was a coincidence? Let's face it, Adolf, even in the third reich they never could pull off a stunt like that! Hotboy  


Blogger robmcj said...

hotboy, I once heard an older German say the 3rd reich was one long miracle, and the reason it failed was that he wasn't given enough of a chance.

Sorry about the blog being off, I think Mr. Wilson may have had something to do with it, he turns up everywhere, though I always seem to have just missed him. Who knows how many hundred other visitors have been turned away from my site last night?

It says you left your comment at 5.30 in the morning. Would that be your morning or mine?

There have been so many coincidences in my life, I can see I'll need to start a second blog just to bring you up to date.

Like the night when, staying in London for one evening while passing through, I parked the old VW outside a pub in Covent Garden. A former Glasgow flatmate was living in London at the time, unknown to me, and he spotted the car. He told me about it years later when I caught up with him.

Or the fancy Japanese stainless tea strainer which went missing about 3 years ago. Last month I started drinking tea again, and wished I could find the thing. On the morning that I had resolved finally to search for the strainer that afternoon, I first went to the compost bin at the back of the garden, because I was potting up a plant. I opened the wee door at the bottom where the compost falls out, and the very tea-strainer rolled out, it must have been accidentally thrown in there, years ago.

There's more but I don't like to brag. Just let me know if your site needs a messiah to work some miracles for your followers. I did the fencepost apparition for Sydney and the Olympics followed. I could probably help you too. robmcj  


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