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04 May 2005 at 11:34

before photoshop

You can use Photoshop to get the effect of a black-and-white print that has been hand-tinted, but this one really was done by hand, in Berlin between the wars.

By the time I met my great-aunt she was old, and the only part of her that I recognise here is the sad or perhaps sullen demeanour, but you might see something different.

Below is another picture using the same technique, of my aunt's nieces, i.e. my aunt and mother, around 1935. For most of my life I thought of my mother as the serious sister, and my aunt as the cheery one, but here the expressions are reversed. Either my mother really was as open and optimistic as she looks, or she was good at posing for the camera.

I'll try and locate a more recent picture of them, for comparison.

 (click for full size photo)

Blogger hotboy said...

Robbomicj! This is a very good photie. Which nazi troop is it on the hat band? Is that the waffen scouts? Or guides? It's like the .... whatever the fascist organisation was you were forced to join at school. The penguins? Hotboy  


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