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30 July 2005 at 13:37

the emperor's new desktop

Time for an admiring look at the latest must-have accessory for nerds.

If you've ever used a cordless optical mouse, you'll know it's a great invention. It unclutters your desk, there's no cable or mousepad, you can use it anywhere on the desk. Some mice will even work from the other end of the room. So far so good.

Now a company called Dicota claims to have gone one better. I wish I was making this up, but it's true. They are marketing a cordlesss mouse which only works while it's on top of its USB-connected electromagnetic mousepad.

Someone should tell these people. It's not cordless if it needs a corded pad, and it clutters the desktop even worse than a corded mouse.

Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Does Heather's mom know about this? Also, you could offer to post a photie of her in a brownshirt or even a rabliss baseball shirt! Hope this helps! Hotboy  


Blogger Paulius said...

Glad someone else is getting sick of technology for technology's sake!

I have an optical mouse, and much prefer it to the old ball mice. I don't bother with cordless mice tho...the wire doesn't bother me, and who needs to use a mouse when they're so far away they can't see the screen? Plus, no chance of the batteries running out.

Logitech have a cordless keyboard 'guaranteed to work at over 50 feet away!'

How big is that guy's screen?!!?  


Blogger mireille said...

please excuse me interrupting your electronic reveries ... but thank you for dropping by and the icon is Joan of Arc ... xoxoxo  


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