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23 July 2005 at 20:12

religious persecution

The cave-dwelling buddhist hermit on Flat Island, has been driven out by the native Flatheids.

A view of Flat Island from UnHeard Island.

Fortunately he was offered shelter on Ling Island with the good people of the Samye sect, at their monastery which you can see below. I think he's made the right move.

I hate to sound competitive, but it reminds me of my own forebears, Euroean Huguenots, who were driven underground a few centuries ago.

But whereas they had to leave their monasteries and hide on islands and in caves, our buddhist hermit is doing the reverse, fleeing from his island cave to a monastery.

What can all this mean?

Blogger hotboy said...

Loved that post, Adolf! Can't comment more. In a rush. Hotboy  


Blogger hotboy said...

Rem Hughies were French, Adolf! You're fooling no frauleins around here with that dodge!  


Blogger robmcj said...

Attention Hotboy. I quote from "Family History" (

"Louis Rob von Johansen along with other Huguenot refugees moved to Mannheim, Germany (near Heidelberg) on the Rhine River."

And while we're at it, "Other famous branches of the family tree: General George Patton, ... actor Marlon Brando and actress Joan Crawford"

I hope this helps.  


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