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04 August 2005 at 18:51

why stop at creationism?

It seems Bush is encouraging schools to dumb down their curriculum and teach religion in science class. This post at americablog suggests the next logical step:
"Does the President believe students should be taught both sides of the debate as to whether the Holocaust really happened? Why not?

There are dozens if not hundreds of books pushing this theory. A certain percentage of the population believes it and it was even the subject of a primetime documentary on Fox.

What possible justification could the President offer for keeping this 'debate' from students? And why doesn't that justification apply to creationism as well?"

Blogger Heather said...

That is a good question...WHY...well holocaust denial does not serve the fundamentalist extreme rights' ideological agenda. Keep 'em stupid, keeps 'em voting Republican. I guess what I do not understand is that the American curriculum is generally not integrative to begin with. So, if you are not going to make connections between math and history - then whats the point of teaching a religious point of view side by side of a scientific point of view.

And no one seems to be teaching ABOUT points of view either.

There are some schools that teach just plain ol creationism. Scary.
Barney would not approve.  


Blogger hotboy said...

They told the Japanese the emperor was god from 1848, I think. No one doubted it by the second world war. They got a lot of people blown up. I hope this helps!  


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