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02 January 2006 at 15:40

my 3x3

I was tagged by myself for New Year's Eve. Ray Ray has pointed out, quite rightly, that I was supposed to do the tag myself before I tagged other people.
  1. Three 2005 achievements you're proud of, no matter how small.

    • I brewed some of the best beer I have ever tasted. And some of the worst. Everything balances out. The best brew was Blues Healer. The worst one was the barrelful that got heatstroke and had to be put out of its misery down the drain.

    • Resuming contact with hotboy, a friend from way back in the last century, and re-encountering his humour, insight and a degree of insanity that rates alongside my own.

    • Teaching myself to swim the crawl. Well the front part anyway. I still do the back half of the breaststroke.

    • Resuming contact with Mary Hopkin, a former partner. We're now writing to each other. I am working my way up to an apology for treating her unfairly all those years ago.

    • After many years of abstinence from everything, this year I achieved excellence in two addictions. Firstly to green tea, which has added much power to my exercise programme. In 2006 I may even graduate to the hard stuff (strong black tea with milk). And as part of my weight-gain programme, I implemented a punishing regime of daily beer drinking. So far it seems to be paying off. Now instead of being an anorexic stringbean, I just look like a product of too much 1970s Scottish living (fags and whisky). My goal in 2006 is to become a fat slob and blend in with everyone else.

    • I learned how to break the tag rules.

  2. Three 2005 events that delighted you, no matter how small.

    • On several occasions in 2005 I rediscovered how lucky I am to have shackled myself to Mrs. McJay. The latest was when we arrived at this beach shack which has a piano, and she sat down and played some Beethoven sonatas. I have asked for the shackling to be extended for another year at least.

    • I discovered that, although I suffer from OCD from my mother's side of the family, it's balanced out by the RDD I inherited from my father. So on average I'm normal.

    • I made the effort to go to Sydney and see the marvellous jazz pianist Barney McAll and his band. They were playing just one night, I went on my own, and I was the last person through the door before it was full up. What a night! The most fun I have ever had sober with my clothes on.

    • Through blogging I came across all sorts of interesting people, and I learned how to leave tactful or friendly or positive or mischievous or helpful comments (though sometimes I still get it wrong due to my blundering Teutonic genes)

  3. Three 2005 events that appalled you. Well, thinking of things that appalled me is difficult for me, probably because I have too much bliss in my life to care, or maybe it's just that after some of the things I've seen in a past life, nothing else comes close. Or maybe it just means I'm a heartless basturn. But I'll try anyway:

    • Observing the effects of retention deficit disorder unrestrained by OCD.

    Blogger hotboy said...

    Adolf! Zeig! Didn't realise Mary Hopkin would still speak to you after the way you ruined her wedding. Has she got a dog called Mrs Robinson? Did she call one of her many fine children Shicklegrubber? Known thereafter at school as the misspelt Nazi. Dearie me. Talk about a glutton for punishment! Hope she gets some help! Hotboy  


    Blogger robmcj said...

    HB - welcome. So it's come to this. I put my clothes back on and suddenly I'm back down to one comment. Ah well, quality not quantity. Every little bit helps.  


    Blogger Lee Ann said...

    Very good! I am glad you taught yourself the "freestyle" swimming.
    Good list!  


    Blogger sasfdasfdljkfksdjkfjsd said...

    best beer I ever brewed was probably a cocoa porter, it was a fifteen gallon batch, each five gallon carboy tasted different but they were all good.

    the worst was our attempt at treblebach, I think we tried to make a quadruple or quintuple bach and it went very wrong. one five gallon tasted like aluminum, but made a fine liquer if taken in shots, one five gallon batch tasted ok, and the third was poured down the drain as totally uncomsumable.

    I'm still going to do this tag but I'm lagging, also, I'm tagging you, read the comments in my tom post, you can write about whoever got you into meditating or whatnot, kay?  


    Blogger Lee Ann said...

    Happy HNT! No pic this week?  


    Blogger hotboy said...

    Adolf! Zeig! Aye, I came here with the fond notion of seeing more bananas. Hope you've not been eaten by a shark. That wouldn't help at all! Hotboy  


    Blogger Doviko said...

    Muli bwanje Mr Robmcj,

    With the help of boss, I will try to do the tag. I could not do Mr Carslemane's tag, as I have no fridge.

    Yours faithfully



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