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14 October 2006 at 08:21

back to k-mart class

Back in the UnHeard Of Islands now, I can at last reveal that my fear of flying and terrorism was just a pretence, a mere blogo-dramatic device. And even if the plane had been bombed or rocketed, what a way to go! In a reclining massage chair, with umpteen fair Austrian damsels bringing 6-course meals and waves of fine wines.

On arrival at McDonald Island International Airport, the customs folk did a full baggage search and X-ray. I was able to convince them that the bottles of cloudy liquid really were a form of beer. Otherwise they were going to force me to open a weissbier and drink it to prove what it was. That would have been a waste - beer on top of multiple wines is a no-no.

At home, the beloved partner had prepared a selection of dips and nibbles almost to business class standard. But now it's back to my normal life in K-mart class. What a fortunate creature I was! With the support of ion, keda, lee ann (ed), and menzies, I managed to foil the hotbolla militia.

I brought back a souvenir for Lee Ann, as a thank you for her support.

Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Zeig! But what were you doing in Poland? Is the medal a piece of Nazi memorabilia? And did you spend any evenings in the slammer for goosestepping around your former bunker? That would have helped! Hotboy p.s. Scotland is now full of Polish people. Is that because of you?  


Blogger ion said...

I never believed you were scared anyway. After all, how on earth could one live in the Heard Islands without flying....  


Blogger hotboy said...

Ion: Backstroke! Hotboy  


Blogger Lee Ann said...

I might not be as afraid of flying if the flight was as nice as yours.
Thank you for the lovely souvenir...So so sweet of you!
I will be here for your support any time!
...and you ARE a fortunate creature! ;)  


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