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18 January 2007 at 09:35

HNT feat of strength with clickypic

I once won a bet by tearing a phone book in half with my bare hands.

If you click the pic, you'll see how I did it.

Click to see how I did it.

Yes, if you slowly bake the phone book for several hours in a just-warm oven, the paper dries out and goes so weak that anyone can rip it, even me.

You could try it too, but this blog accepts no responsibility if you turn your oven up full blast, set fire to the phone book and burn your house down.

But if you use this trick to win a bet, this blog is entitled to 10% off the top of your winnings.

For younger readers, an "oven" is a sort of clockwork microwave.

For younger readers, "clockwork" is a kind of ... Never mind.

If you missed previous HNTs, you can access all the old half baked (sic) thursday posts here.


Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Heil! But we never saw the ripped up phone book. Well, we'll just have to take that on trust. Reminds me of the cream cracker one. Can you eat 3 (5, 7?) without taking a drink of water. Or beer!!! Hmmmm. Now, that wouldn't help at all! Hotboy  


Blogger Heather said...

Yes...but how do they ...taste??..  


Blogger robmcj said...

HB - you know the story of Doubting Thomas?

Heather - best with a dip and a glass of Canadian Blonde (unfortunately no more).  


Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Zeig! More to the point, how come Lee Ann has stopped this HNT malarkey? Her bits were much better than anything going on here! Sorry, that's not much of a help. You've got great bits, Adolf! Honest! Hotboy  


Blogger Lelly said...

I see you already have a phone book in the oven Rob, how often do you perform this trick, and arn't your friends bored with it by now?
I will (must) start blogging again yes, as my fan demands it...bless you!
Its eating 3 cream crackers in a minute HB, and I've stopped this HNT malarky too...but you don't comment on that...hurrmph!  


Blogger Lee Ann said...

I love that....Happy Belated HNT!!!!
I know, it is for all of those "hot little numbers" of yours, right?  


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