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29 December 2006 at 13:48

das ball control

In Germany, I saw this street busker on crutches demonstrating his amazing ball skills.

Here is a rough edit of the video.You may need to click it twice, I don't know why.

Happy New Year

Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Heil! Das dail up ningcompoops gives this joe zee speed of zee tortoise! Doesn't help at all in fact. Hotboy  


Blogger Lelly said...

Happy New Year to you Rob! By the way I am having terrible trouble with your site, can never scroll down beyond your latest post, so can never check if you've responded to my witty comments on previous postings of yours! Wassgoingon??  


Blogger lecram sinun said...

A Grand New Year to you! Cheers!  


Blogger robmcj said...

Hotters - just click the arrow (twice), make a cup of tea, and it'll be ready to watch after an hour or so. It's not as if you'll miss out on any phone calls meantime.

Lelly - you're using Internet Explorer version 6, aren't you? Microsoft fixed the problem in IE version 7, and Firefox never had the problem anyway. HNY to you and Lecram, thanks for visiting.  


Blogger cinders said...

Ball control is essential in so many ways, is it not?  


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