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19 December 2006 at 20:51

I never pay for it

I took the plunge today and actually paid for some new software. That's a first. The program is a video editor, Sony Vegas. Because I'm an anal nerd, the first thing I did when I got it home was to read the whole 70-page manual.

Each feature I read about, I found myself shaking my head in wonder: "that's exactly the way I would have designed the program," or "that's something I've always wanted to do with other editors, but they didn't allow it."

Tomorrow, actually using the program is probably going to be even more exciting than reading about it. What a fortunate creature I am! I'm already planning a new HNT-movie that's unlike anything you've ever seen (or would want to see, perhaps).

Excuse my raving, Cap'n Kev was in port today, smoking his home-grown medicinal leaves. He grows them on one of the uninhabited islands, then lands there once a year when nobody's about.

Just the smell seems to have done homeopathic things to my brain. The darling Haydn CD sounds like it never did before. How is it possible to love someone you've never met who's been dead for centuries? What a fortunate creature I am, but you knew that already.

PS - next day I checked this post and was dismayed to find not a single comment. I never aspired to be an A-lister, but sudden demotion from Y-list to Z-list is a little disheartening. But then I remembered - I'm using comment moderation to catch the spammers. No wonder the comments weren't showing. What an idiot I am!

Sure enough, there were 2 new comments from keda and ion, in amongst the spam, waiting for release. And hotboy's sure to call in later. A fortunate creature after all!

Blogger ion said...

You mean to say you actually RTFM (read the flipping manual)? That's hardcore geek. Meanwhile, how is your dog getting on? I'm worrying about her.  


Blogger keda said...

you read 70 pages of a nerd manual?? wow. you've definately been on the leaves.

let's hope modern vegas brings the same rapture as haydn. though i doubt thats possible.. it's worth a try.  


Blogger robmcj said...

ion - the unheard of dog says thanks, but she's not enjoying the thought of soon appearing on the web with a giant ruff collar round her head. And she says to tell wee wan not to lick the combination steroid/antibug/lignocaine ointment off her legs, it tastes bad. And coming from someone who eats shit, that can't be a commendation.

keda - bon voyage BTW  


Blogger Lee Ann said...

You are a fortunate creature!
New software...that is great.
You and I are much alike...reading the manual before starting.
(I mean, that is what they have the manuals for, right?)
I guess I am a nerd!


Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Heil! Is this the job application? I think it is! Well done on reading a manual. I couldn't do that! The job starts in the spring when I'm just starting to be rich and famous. If you can keep me in the hut for twelve years, I should be able to zap you with ra bliss. It's the only chance you've got. And it would balance up. I hope this helps. Hotboy  


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