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05 December 2006 at 11:45

blessed are the privately pious

Keda was blogging about a religious zealot who told her that god loved her. I won't specify which god - there's enough trouble in the world already.

Nice that he meant well with the god stuff, but why do zealots of any religion assume you're interested in hearing their pronouncements? Why not keep their hobbies to themselves? I mean, I don't go around ranting about my home brewing, and about everything balancing up. Well yes, I do it here, but this is my space. Okay, I also do it at other blogs, but as I was saying:

I once taught a student who spent most of his college time browsing fundamentalist web sites. I spent extra time helping him, so he decided to do me the favour of showing me some web sites that explain about the umpteen levels of hell. Smiling, he said "the worst level, that's the one that's reserved for you heathens." There was no malice in it, he thought he was helping me, but it didn't help.

Blogger Polyman3 said...

I tried to be religious for years,
trying to believe that the church knew something I didn't. Then I learned it knows nothing. It is all about their own private God written in an old book by men.
So now I believe in my own God and never speak of it to anyone. Hell is within us, just like God is. and that's all there is.  


Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Heil! Since the sole member of the Amazing Bloggy Church of the Bad Boy Blissheid is me, and I'm not recruiting, you're not getting in! People who believe in things and think they know stuff ... well, they'll never get ra bliss! Oh, they'll never get ra bliss! EE, Aye, Adio, they'll never get ra bliss! The only "religious" question worth asking is: Can you or can you not, do ra bliss? I'm afraid there's no help in staying a flatheid! Hotboy  


Blogger ray ray winston said...

no good deed goes unpunished.

or a yogi's words are never wasted.

maybe he'll wake up when he's your age (really old like) and re-learn all those lessons you tried to teach him.  


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