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11 January 2007 at 16:13

my brilliant video career

Checking my 2006 stats at google video, I see that my first feature Strawberry Man's Narrow Escape, has been watched 218 times.

The follow-up film, The Death of Strawberry Man has been even more successful - watched 466 times. I may have to get an agent.

As for the interview videos, 41 people watched my interview, while the hotboy interview was watched by 90 people (or by hotboy 90 times).

Ray Ray has an interesting video of spiders on drugs.

Blogger Lee Ann said...

I can be counted on those Strawberry Man videos. I like all the videos you have made.
Have a great day!  


Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Zeig! Get a proper job and you'll have more to worry about ... like how to sell 14 lbs of Hotboy's liposuctioned fat off the website. The boy in the video playing me deserves an Oscar. How you can look that drunk sober is amazing, isn't it? Hotboy p.s. Are there any residuals?  


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