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20 May 2005 at 17:16

"blogging good for you" - it's official

Many people don't know how to listen, they're too busy jumping down your throat in search of springboards for their own pet themes. Spending time with these people only encourages them, so this blog recommends you avoid them, especially if you actually enjoy your own company.

Choosing solitude used to be regarded with suspicion, and listening to yourself was once a sign of madness, but nowadays you can claim you're practising a higher-order skill called reflection (also known as cognitive housekeeping).

And blogging is now officially good for your health, "combining the benefits of solitary reflection and social interaction", according to this medical report.

In fact it was the 17th-century French philosopher and physicist Blaise Pascal (after whom the Pascal programming language is named) who first observed that all troubles stem from man's inability to sit alone at a computer.

Blogger MDG said...

Great post in defense of blogging. I love the article about blogging being good for you! BRAVO  


Anonymous Seb McGlasgow said...

Is that Fruit Pascal by any chance...  


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