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06 January 2006 at 20:38

name that brew

I'm going to answer the previous post's comments here.

lee ann and hot boy - yes, sorry about the lack of an HNT. Maybe next week. I'm on my summer holiday and have wound down too much to blog. Also, I'm naked most of the time and it's such a chore to put some clothes back on. I'll head over to your places after this to see what's happening.

ray ray - your 15 gallons of cocoa porter, your best brew ever, was what I was aiming at with my chocolate porter. The result is strong and sweet and dark, but I don't like it, perhaps it's not suitable for summer drinking. I would email you some if I could.

It's time to open the first bottle of the bread-yeast batch of german-style lager. I ran out of Brewer's Yeast and had to improvise using the missus' baking yeast. The glass and the stubby-holder have been in the freezer all day. Back in a jiffy. Ah, the verdict - deliciously cold, not too gassy, quite dark for a lager. It tastes slightly yeasty, but in a good way. Strength about 2.5%, so you can drink more without getting guttered. I think I'll pour another one. This is my ninth brew. What shall I call this one? I'm tagging everyone in the world to come up with a name.

I'll head over to your place next ray ray, to pick up the tag.

doviko - good on ya pal.

Blogger Lee Ann said...

Wow, it is summer over there? We are heading into the coldest part of the year.
I had a feeling about you going around naked all the time.
If the lager is sweet, you can name it after me (Lee's Brew) haha!  


Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Zeig! 2.5% alcohol? You'll never get fat drinking that! The UnHeard of Brew!Cold glasses out the fridge? Must be hot! Hope this helps. Hotboy  


Blogger robmcj said...

Or Hilton's Heavy? Bliss Brew?  


Blogger sasfdasfdljkfksdjkfjsd said...

Bliss Piss, has a better ring

happy vacationing, I'm seriously going to do that tag soon I swear, just caught up in this other tale, it's becoming quite the catharsis  


Blogger Lee Ann said...

How about Hilton's bliss! hahaha  


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