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19 October 2006 at 02:15

HNT video evaporation

This week's HNT is another in my occasional series of educational videos. I hope you find it helpful.

Evaporation Video.


If you missed previous HNTs, you can access all the old half baked thursday posts here.

Blogger Regal said...

very entertaining - HHNT  


Blogger keda said...

hmmm yes. full of hot air. just where we like you ;)

i'll have to use that techinque on the littlets.

kids make a mess.
mess is gooood.
until its kiddies bedtime.
and then we need to tidy.
or warm air rises.
and explodes out of mummies mouth.

or something like that...

happy hnt babe.  


Blogger Suze said...

I find myself wondering how you behave in the bedroom. Do you tap the headboard?

Happy HNT sweetie ;)  


Blogger Bekah said...

Happy HNT!  


Blogger Wenchy said...

:) Happy HNT!  


Blogger M G said...


lmao @ suze...



Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Heil! Get your kit off the next time! And get on the lederhosen! A few jumps and kicks from your cross dressing friends and you could clean up! More nudity would definitely help! Hotboy  


Blogger Schadeboy said...

This is a warning that I'm about to ask a stupid question.

And that is, is that you in the video?

If asking that makes me appear stupid, then I retract it. If it turns out that it's a question that others are also wondering, then I don't.

Happy HNT.  


Blogger Spitfire said...

okay between the accent and suze's pervy remarks I am both completely turned on and that video was hysterical...

lol @ keda too

THAT was very entertaining.



Blogger ion said...

That's how they taught us German-

Der die das die
Den die das die
Des der des den
Dem des den dem

It stuck!  


Blogger robmcj said...

keda, ion - you've got the idea, now spread the word

suze - yes, I do like to bang something in bed. Doesn't everyone?

schade - fair question, yes it is, it obviously needed clarifying, thanks for asking

spitters - it's nice to be appreciated. Don't you find?  


Blogger SeaRabbit said...

Suze.. no... he is tapping the butt dear... lololol... Sorry, I couldn't resist...
Very nice concept, the video thing... and quite educational, indeed... ;-))
Happy HNT!  


Blogger LEE ANN said...

Sorry I am late cutie!
Happy HNT!


Blogger Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say!

Is it mute, have I drunk so much I've gone deaf, or has Doviko tampered with the volume settings on this PC?

If the answer is that it's mute, then is one supposed to sing the words in the captions to the song "Barmy Army"?



Blogger Lee Ann said...

I finally got to see the video (cannot view it from work).
You have a great voice! I *bang* think *bang* I *bang* learned *bang* the *bang* lesson *bang*!

Nice place you have there too Rob!

Have a great weekend!
Lee Ann  


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