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20 January 2007 at 16:42

sheepdogs save penguins

Flat Island Penguins, nearly driven to extinction on the UnHeard Of Islands, have tripled in number as a result of the world's first Maremma guardian dog trial.

In recent years, penguin numbers had dropped dramatically from almost 2000 to under 100 due to attacks by foxes and stray dogs wandering onto the island.

The Maremma breed of dogs is better known for blending in and looking after sheep – but wild-life teams have discovered that the big white dogs can keep foxes and wild dogs away from penguins too.

Initial results from the penguin protection trial are promising - numbers are up from 27 to 70.

Maremmas training as penguin guards,
using farm animals instead of penguins.

Sources acknowledged.

Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Heil! What fabulous looking dogs! Great idea too! They discovered that the best thing for keeping foxes away from sheep are llamas. Not lamas, llamas, the South American things. This helped screw up the fox hunting lobby, I'm glad to say, but tallyho for the big doggies! What a help! Hotboy  


Blogger Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say!

I've just heard that Spud's Mum's dog (Hugo) was recently de-sexed!

Did you have anything to do with this - what with your knowledge of canines?

Does de-sexing help in penguin protection?



Blogger Lee Ann said...

Wow that is amazing. Those dogs are so cute, I want one. I would really love to have one.
They are so special to be guarding those penguins.
I am so glad the penguins are not gone. The other day, I saw something about Australian Penguins. They like warm weather. So the zoo in Colorado has to keep them inside during the winter and outside during the summer.
Anyway, I thought about you and your penguins when I saw that.
Have a wonderful weekend.  


Blogger robmcj said...

HB - how can that work?

MM - I find de-sexing does help in some kinds of protection.

LA - indeed, the penguins here are Australian, which also explains the beer-thieving.  


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