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07 June 2005 at 21:07

second thoughts

An open letter to hotboy.

Regarding your surprise visit, my dear friend, I am sorry to sound inhospitable, but the doctors who advise me here have suggested we don't meet while you're on the island.

It turns out that I daren't risk a recurrence of the nightmares that accompanied the stalking behaviour of our mutual friend. And then there is the matter of your own recent unpredictable behaviour in matters herbal and ale-related.

I have to consider my career, which is at a turning point now that my work on Ralwin's Postulate is receiving favourable critical attention.

Rest assured that I will follow your progress in the cave with interest through the now-customary binoculars, and I can be relied on to stump up for your bail if that becomes necessary - who could ask for more than that?

Sincerely, robmcj.

PS I have taken the precaution of moving and re-burying the whole stash again, all 174 bottles, and it hasn't helped my dodgy back, but it was the very least I could do for an old friend.

PPS If Irvine Welsh is still with you, could you maybe get me his autograph? I've heard his books are quite funny. Thanks.

Blogger hotboy said...

Can I see you anywhere with my telescope? Hotboy  


Blogger The Living Saint said...

All yous boys with telescopes - they can mak ye gang blind, ya ken.



Blogger robmcj said...

hotboy. sorry, no, but I can arrange a delivery of blankets and beer substitute one day while you're out. robmcj.  


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