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02 July 2005 at 10:47

the pain!

Connoisseurs1 of pain are familiar with that magic moment, better than winning the lottery, when the pain finally lifts after a prolonged period of backache.

It can happen on the way home from the chiropractor, or just sneak up on you without warning - the rediscovery of the wonder of life without pain.

It is perhaps the purest form of happiness, pure in that it depends on no external input, no kindness, no favours. No achievement, presents or promises. I have seen the same argument advanced for recreational heroin use.

Meanwhile, another type of natural high is promoted over at where they teach the path to personal enlightenment via regular contemplation of small arms. There's no evidence as yet that it induces anything more than homicidal mania, but it is certainly a surprising new approach to spiritual peace.

My mother learned the technique, and soon graduated to the advanced programme, targetting famous people.

1 - in the sense of "experts", rather than "enjoyers"

Blogger hotboy said...

This comment thing might be better. Hard to tell. Seems alright. I've got a sore back! Ha, ha! That's almost everyone I know! Hotboy  


Blogger robmcj said...

Perhaps you've been carrying too many women's luggage for them.

My back's been brilliant. But don't get me started on the other busted bits, e.g. sprained ankle after I had the brainwave, while walking the dog, of jogging in the dark in my hiking boots, straight into a pothole. I need a minder.  


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