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28 June 2005 at 13:39

english lessons

The teacher is Lachie Robertson, a tough but kindly ex-paratrooper.

He was our English teacher, but the only lesson I can remember was "how to perform a parachute jump". Standing on his desk, he spread out his billowing black gown to simulate a parachute, then leapt off, to land on the floor in the correct attitude, feet-together, collapsing and rolling across the floor to absorb the impact.

Then each of us had to execute a jump from the desk to see if we'd been paying attention.

At top left is Lex, who would much later be the reluctant witness of a belting I received. Top right is Colin, a dear friend still.

Once again, I'm sitting beside the teacher, just like in the happiest days. Coincidence?

Blogger hotboy said...

You look great in all these school photies, Adolf! What happened, eh? Looks like a great school as well. No one showed me how to parachute jump. Can you do that off volcanos? Hotboy  


Blogger robmcj said...

If I hadn't got in with the wrong crowd at university, I'd now be president of the World Bank.  


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