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25 June 2005 at 09:39

readership crash

Ever since the short-lived spike in interest in this blog, the readership has dwindled to the point where even Michi and her dog have stopped reading.

It's only the hard core readership that is bothering to read on a regular basis, and I'm very glad to have them, but even they would benefit if I had more visitors for them to interact with.

My colleagues in the Marketing Faculty inform me that if I don't constantly expand I'll perish. It seems I have to stop relying just on passing traffic and Google's enthusiasm for phrases like "Spirituality for Dummies".

It's time I went back to planting sycophantic comments on random blogs, in the hope that their writers will return the complement, that worked last time. And if that fails, I'll probably resort to telling my friends about my blog, and to hell with the consequences.

The marketers also told me to stop offshoring my best content, and bring it back in-house instead. I'll get the hang of this corporate jargon eventually, but it's a steep learning curve.

Blogger hotboy said...

If no one read my blog, I could stop doing it. I don't really understand the blogpatrol stuff. It says I've got over forty self-referrers or bookmarkers. Does this mean forty odd folk have really bookmarked my blog. I don't think so somehow! Could Blogpatrol be a scam from to make folk think someone other than robots are looking in. Hotboy  


Blogger robmcj said...

I thought the arrangement was that I do the paranoid thinking around here.

Sorry I can't offer a blogpatrol opinion, my own brain is too fried right now after a spot of self-referential postmodern blogging which had me almost disappear up myself.  


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