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13 August 2005 at 14:46

could we have a circus with that, and drop the music?

Opera is really just music for people who wish they liked music, but in truth find it too boring. These people are happy to pay top dollar for the visual distraction of colourful costumes, sets, movement and melodrama.

People who actually enjoy Mozart know that it's best listened to at home on a CD, or for the live experience you can go to a concert at half the price of an opera.

Next year, the dumbing down of music to deal with attention deficit breaks new ground. Sydney Opera House is putting on Mozart's Magic Flute, with ...

"... daring aerial wizardry ... physical theatre ... expect exotic beasts, dancing animals, death-defying stunts, and above all, be amazed by Mozart's sublime music."
Note the reference to Mozart as an afterthought.

Photo of rehearsals: "Do we have to have music?"

Blogger hotboy said...

It's a good way to subsidise rich people. They'd be better off giving the money to me! Also, they could do better with the stories/drama maybe. Hotboy  


Blogger hotboy said...

You protesteth too mucheth with thisith! Opera lovers don't like music? What's the world coming to!  


Blogger Heather said...

Last year I saw the Royal Winnepeg Ballet perform the Magic Flute. There was a styrofoam/snow fight at the end. Lots of cute butts though. But we were there for the dancing, not Amadeus.

Perhaps Hotboy could write an Operetta from one of his literary masterpieces?  


Blogger robmcj said...

Hotboy. If Lorenzo Da Ponte could do it, so can you. Let's go with Heather's proposal and collaborate on a West End musical. I already have several ukulele tunes I could adapt. Is there a snow scene in Right in the Dark? What about a nude scene?  


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