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04 September 2005 at 18:07


Today I registered my 1500th hit, a piddling amount in the blogoscheme of things, but not bad considering I have nothing to say that could interest anyone except myself, kilt fetishists and spammers.

The most referrals came from, so thank you again for the link, Heather.

Meanwhile, an ancient drug memory has been posted at Ra Fuhrer and Further, confirming two things - that I did not inhale, and that hotboy still has more memory cells than me, despite devoting his life to toxins research. Why did I bother living a sober life?

Blogger hotboy said...

1500 is great! I'm still on the 1400s I think. I would make links on the side to people I look at. Be easier to get to them for one thing, but I don't know how. Pathetic really. But I've been loving blogging over the long weekend. Hotboy  


Blogger Spinning Girl said...



ha ha!

blog-hoppin around...  


Blogger Heather said...

Well! I guess I have something to show for all the time spent on the 'puter. Does this come with some sort of prize or gift? Maybe an aussie $ for every hit? That sounds fair.

Joking of course.

No, really.

But gifts are gladly accepted ;)



Blogger Lee Ann said...

I think kilts are cool and sexy!  


Blogger robmcj said...

Heather, when I get around to responding to the "10 things I'm listening to" tag, the musical wisdom will be my priceless gift to the universe.

Hotboy, there's help at Blogger. Or send me your template and I'll do one for you to start you off. The least I can do to thank you for sending me your arguable masterpiece novel.

Lee Ann, I trust the holiday went well, and you're rested in preparation for the launch of our tourism/catering franchise. If we delay, someone else might beat us to it. I thought a good title might be "Jammy Donut Regency Hotels". But you're the one with the business genes, so can I leave it to you?

Spinning. Congratulations on your impressive quantity. I'm aiming for quality, as you can probably tell.  


Blogger jimmmer said...

Congrats. We're coming up to our 1000. Big step. It's like a special occasion, think we'll go and get horribly toasted somewhere!  


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