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26 August 2005 at 16:37

reverse botox

I found a site that can show you what you will look like when you're older. What you do is upload a photo of a face, then choose how many years older you want it, and it does the transformation for you. Or if you prefer, it can do a gender swap. Here's some of the results I got.

This guy is pictured about 10 years ago, then with 40 years added, and as a female:

Myself aged 29 in the original picture, then 49, 69, and finally as a female

Captain Kev, aged 50 then 70 and 90

Hotboy aged 50 in the original picture, then 70, 90 and female

Adolf at 30, 70, and female

Hotboy and hotgirl

Me when I was age 11, then with 40 years added, then feminised

My brother

The dog

The site is at

Blogger hotboy said...

What a laugh! I don't think these folk recognised the babe in me somehow! Also, I've no idea how old the clean shaven Hotboy is! About twelve? Hotboy  


Blogger robmcj said...

I'd guess you were about 30. It was 1982 or 3. Don't put yourself down, the bearded lady looks cute.  


Blogger robmcj said...

At least it looks like you'll still be alive at 90. Adolph at 70 doesn't look too healthy.  


Blogger hotboy said...

My Uncle Peter says sometimes folk fall off their perches when they look okay. Remembering you might be dead tomorrow is supposed to be a way to turn towards the juju. But you've had a black spot already that failed. Fancy a non-working black spot. Blind Pugh's one worked fine! Hope this helps. Hotboy  


Blogger Heather said...

Well...that was...freaky. Fo some reason the aging process makes one look like a meth addict. Is there no such thing as aging gracefully? Please? Pretty pretty please? And the feminized adolfs look more like Bill Gates...with a 'stache.

P.S. TAG you're it!!

(so you don't have to worry about the ettiquitte around these things anymore)  


Blogger robmcj said...

Heather. At last someone's asked me to dance!  


Blogger robmcj said...

Hotboy. Fair enough, but it's been done before (Castaneda). Bit you're right. The great thing about getting cancer is - you never again need to worry about getting cancer.  


Blogger Lee Ann said...

That is wild! Very cool :)  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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