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18 August 2005 at 13:54

starving children

Never say I'm not kind to children.

These underfed kids were left to look after themselves while their parents lived in luxury at the Club 18-50, further along the bay.

They were begging, but I didn't want to encourage the attitude that life gives you something for nothing. So I promised them a dollar for every helping of my special seaweed and blubber soup that they could eat in a one-hour period.

The photo shows them at the 50-minute mark, fighting over the bowl. The one on the right was about to throw up in it.

I've got to admire the way they managed to eat 37 helpings between them. Luckily I didn't need to pay up, since technically they vomited most of it onto the sand as you can see. But I let them have the soup for free.

Blogger hotboy said...

I think that's the end of hunger as we know it! Seaweed soup! Just lose the blubber as the whale huggers might object! I've quite lost my appetite now!  


Blogger jimmmer said...

That's the coolest outreach programme EVER!  


Blogger Horsey said...

You've clearly lost perspective of how to live your life! How could you abuse these children, these valuable resources for our future, in this way.

Myself, I would have fed them, dressed them warmly, and then shipped them to Azebaijan, to be sold as slave labor.  


Blogger McSeb said...

remember the good old days when photos passed lie detectors.
Photojounalism is dead
long live the digital camera  


Blogger McSeb said...

you can't beleive everything you see...
cameras never lie but they can swear
Down with photojournalsim
Bring back the Brownie 127  


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