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27 October 2006 at 13:59

still a fortunate creature

Blogger is up again today after they shut it down on Thursday in response to a hack attack. Some people are saying it was cyberterrorism. Could it have been the fundamentalist Hotbollah trying to sabotage another HNT Thursday?

The blogger people say there was no damage was done, though someone seems to have stolen my password and left another insulting comment in my name at hotboy's place.

Just found out that a dear person I used to know back in Jocko-land has got the big C. Meanwhile, my physio lady here with the brain cancer is just surviving. And the annual Xmas party this year will be the poorer without the presence of one of Australia's most famous (famous in Australia) living playrights, because, well, he's no longer living either. What a fortunate creature I am to be alive and well, 21 years after I had the big C.

If you or someone you know is ever offered radio-so-called-therapy for cancer, my advice is to read the medical literature very carefully. Find out if there's any evidence of its effect on the particular variant of cancer that you're looking at. Remember, cancer isn't a single disease, but a mixed bag of wildly different cellular types, each responding very differently to the various treatment options.

In my own case, a visit to the medical school library revealed that radiation was known to have little or no effect on my type of cancer. When I questioned the docs, they admitted this but explained they were giving me extra blasts, just to see if it would help.

Nowadays, I'm left with the fallout (metaphorically) from the radiation. E.g. root canal dentistry becomes complicated, because radiation makes the root canals fill themselves up with calcium, thus hiding themselves from the dentist.

Next week I'm being referred to a specialist dentist who works with a microscope to find and drill out the canals.

The cost for two hours' treatment is upwards of $2000 (about 800 quid). This is why I have no money to buy beer, and have to brew my own.

I'm blogging this just to remind people there's a big downside to most treatment. We tend to overlook that when there's a medical panic going on. I sometimes wish I had been more assertive with the docs at the time. But I did challenge them on one thing - they were planning to fry my thymus gland as well.

The thymus is the control centre of the immune system. So I asked them why they were trying to kill it off. The next day they agreed to shield it with lead so it wouldn't be blasted after all. If only this book had existed back then:

Yet I feel fortunate to be alive, and to have had 21 extra years (so far), while other poor basturns are dropping like flies around me.

Blogger ion said...

Wise words- some doctors are so keen to eliminate the disease, that the patient dies. Good wishes to your ill friends.  


Blogger Lee Ann said...

Take care of yourself sweetie!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Blogger Gyrobo said...

Why does that news article say the year is 2002?

I don't think it's a simple mislabeling, as the article also underestimates the total number of bloggers by several million.

This article is, like, totally old.  


Blogger Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say!

Isn't a 'hack attack' what one gets after the first few Capstan full strength of the day? Which, given the thrust of the rest of your post, is sadly appropriate.

Abdul came to the wicket with a cigarette in his mouth last week at practice.

I put a short quick one past his nose. That soon put a stop to that.

Doviko assures me that Marzipan requires cane sugar.



Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Heil! 800 quid for 2 hours? Who are they kidding! You can get a perfectly good set of gnashers off the mortuary attendants for much less than that. The domestic bliss's sister is a cancer consultant. I've told her as soon as I get the black spot I want to take to the hut with unlimited supplies of hard drugs, a bottle of brandy and a revolver! It's great being three years overdue already. Hope this helps! Hotboy  


Blogger JR's Thumbprints said...

I've had the big "C" myself. The doc scared the shit out of me, the "you might have six months to live" speech. That was six years ago, and I'm cancer free now, thanks to a small surgical procedure.  


Blogger keda said...

ugh. comment challenged.

i have sideways running roots apparently. i think all my dentist are just crap though personaly and are just trying to put the blame on me.

glad you are fortunate babe.

that makes us so too :)  


Blogger Gareth said...

I didn't know anything about that hack attack until now because I was at a wedding on Thursday - darn it, I always miss the good things lol.

So you are looking for someone to fill the G-spot ;) ^^^^^  


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