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11 October 2005 at 08:05

new research interest

I have had an enquiry from a journalist about the work I did last year on the semiotic theories of the late Nobis Ralwin.

I would like to be able to help her, but sadly the funding for my own semiotics work has dried up. I am now collaborating with the Enterometeorology Department at New Brunswick University. It seems they are interested in my medical background.

typical cirrhosis minor formation

Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Zeig! I've already posted a comment on this blog and it's disappeared. For someone with a narscissistic personality disorder, that's not easy to take. I think it was something about haemoroid clouds, but since I can't spell that, mabye just as well. Hotboy  


Blogger Eric said...

Those are just your run-of-the-mill, toxic rain clouds over an English town (me-thinks).

I'm in the middle of the Great Plains of Canada, at about the 55th parallel, near the Alberta and Saskatchewan border. Cowshit everywhere...also bison and lots of coyotes. Somewhat desolate...except for a few thousand soldiers practicing the fine art of taking over independent countries...3 more years of this crap until retirement and a fine retirement monthly check...

If I choose to become a scribe, will you represent me? Any room for anti-societal, disgruntled, atheist ex-soldiers?  


Blogger robmcj said...

HB - the disappearing comments, I suffered a couple of them too, but only ever at your blog. Someone is siphoning off our genius-product for themselves. I'll get the lawyers onto it.

Eric - I'll be happy to do my best for you. Hopefully, we can repeat my earlier success with the Hotboy portfolio, but nothing's guaranteed.

When I took over the Hotboy contract for the southern hemisphere, nobody was buying his books at all. Now, look at him.

I would suggest we start with a blog for you. Hotboy's book sales almost doubled when he started blogging. Of course, twice nothing is still nothing, but Hotboy is reinventing the laws of physics to get around that.

Have you decided on a suitable genre? J R Rowling realised that the time was ripe for combining and recycling the boarding school story and lord of the rings. Given world events, we could cobble together the next big literary thing out of offcuts from Catch 22 and Camus' The Plague. Your military insider knowledge would be a big plus.

Actually, forget the blog idea, we don't want to tangle with the Dept of Defence. They are already censoring this blog and the bliss blog.  


Blogger Doviko said...

Dear Mr Robmcj,

I found a nice sign for you on your island. It is

Yours faithfully



Blogger Lee Ann said...

I am impressed! Great pic! Interesting type of work there.  


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