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22 February 2006 at 10:38

how many more times

People responded positively to my mention of Led Zeppelin in the last post. I was reminded of a local Edinburgh Led Zep appreciation group, of which I was a member for a few years. This person was our Chief Buyer and Joint Roller. The LP cover was part of his equipment.

The role of Humorist fell to hotboy. He also supplied the music. He only owned 4 LPs - Led Zep I, II, III and IV - and that's the way we liked it. For years I believed his speakers were cheap rubbish, because the drum sound was so cardboard. Recently I bought a copy of Led Zep II on CD, and it sounds just as trashy. Then I remembered reading that the studio had deliberately engineered a rough-sounding acoustic.

Our appreciation society eventually disbanded in disappointment when the fifth album was released. To this day they have never recorded anything else worth listening to, but it doesn't matter, the early albums just go on and on. It's appropriate that the last track on Led Zep 2 is "How Many More Times?"

Blogger Lee Ann said...

Wow, that album cover was good for the same thing here in the states. We should take a poll with how many times that album cover has been used for that!!!
One of the very first albums I ever got was Led Zeppelin, House of the Holy.  


Blogger hotboy said...

So I heard them at the Usher Hall in 1970, I think. I saw the boy in the photie last night. After twenty odd years. Hotboy
p.s. I didn't realise how smart the folk I hung around with were when I was hanging around with them. Nice middle class people. Didn't hit each other, etc. Nice people, shame about the flatheids though! Well, you can't have everything unless you're me. Too bad! Hope this helps. Hotboy  


Blogger Carslemane Foraix said...

G'day. Just to the above-right of the Robert Plant lookalike, on the wall - looks like a piccy of Spud Murphy. Could be wrong, though. If its an alien, its definitely Spud.  


Blogger robmcj said...

Carse - you mean the photo of the diseased lung? Poor Spud.  


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