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03 February 2006 at 15:44

21st century syndromes

Until today, I thought the Unheard Islands was a world-class centre of excellence in researching new 21st century diseases. You'll recall that the first few cases of RDD occurred here, though nowadays it's spread all over the world. And I work next door to one of the world's largest clinics for the treatment of NPD.

But we can't really compete with America. Last week I read that they've got an epidemic of alqaedaphobia in the United States, and after years of home security paranoia-mongering, they get applicants for an office job putting in their resume that they are "comfortable wearing safety goggles and rubber gloves."

PS - did we ever find out who did the anthrax envelopes?

Blogger Carslemane Foraix said...

G'day Robbo.

"Safety goggles and rubber gloves" eh? Reckon you're a bit slow on the uptake there, mate. That obviously isn't an office job Mara is interviewing for. Aren't those types of places legal in the UnHeard of Islands?

In any case, do you know what a "redonk bimbo" is, by any chance? Spud reckons its a new type of koala, but I'm not so sure.

Also, after seeing your wobbly bits in your HNT 14 post, Spud was wanting to know how much field testing you've been doing, to measure the effect of Brews Eight, Nine and Ten on the old brewer's droop issue.

Have a good 'un.



Blogger Lee Ann said...

I don't know if they ever did find out about the anthrax envelopes.
Have a super great weekend Rob!  


Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Heil! Another of my scintillating comments has disappeared. It was all about my narcissistic personality disorder, but I'm so big headed that I'm sure someone is doing it on purpose. To stop my rise to power. A fourth reich? Are they ready yet, mein furhererer? (THis is the implanted trigger! At last!! Our time has come!!) If you were feeling umimportant just now, that might help! Hotboy  


Blogger Laura said...

You have no email address. Here's a link I loved; you might enjoy it, too:  


Blogger robmcj said...

Thanks Laura, I did indeed appreciate that link to the postmodern courtesan. She's very articulate.  


Blogger robmcj said...

HB - I read your link, I didn't delete it so maybe it was at a different post.  


Anonymous redneck said...

Crossing The Rubicon

The powdered envelopes were merely a warning for congress to do what they were told. The Homeland bill was a-calling... They were evacuated quickly when the powder was around to get their blood pumping... but not evacuated was a-wasted when the birds were heading to Wash-ing-town DC later slam the renovation wing at the Pent-a-gone...  


Blogger robmcj said...

redneck - I thought I was cynical, but I hadn't thought of that angle.  


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