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23 January 2006 at 11:57

back to normality

Well, I finally left Sydney at the weekend. Back here on the islands after the summer holidays, there's a national holiday (UnHeard Of Day) right in the middle of my first week back at work. What a great place to live!

I think I may have overstayed my welcome at Spud's Mum's place. But I left her with a parting gift - I set up a microbrewery at the back of her dunny, and showed her how to make full-strength Blues Healer. She's real pleased. Now, whenever Spud visits her he'll have no excuse for spending all his time at the pub.

This is a picture of UnHeard Falls, where I get the water for my own brew. The penguins do stuff in it, but it sems to improve the taste.

Blogger Lee Ann said...

Oh, that is spectacular!

Makes me want to jump right in there. Looks so refreshing!  


Blogger hotboy said...

Look at the water! Feel it on the wonderful visoge! What bliss! BTW i'll need some help soon with the Narcissistic Personality Disorder and how to turn it into a money spinner! I've been mulling .. yes, mulling.  


Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Zeig! re- my blog and the pixel selling boy... who'd have thought you could make money with that! Pick UP A Penguin! There's an idea! Helps tons! Hotboy  


Blogger Carnival said...

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