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28 March 2006 at 08:47


Some people say blogging is just narcissistic. Well it can be, especially if you suffer from NPD. But today is Annual Unselfishness Day here on the UnHeard Of Islands, so I'm putting aside my own petty concerns.

I am preparing a letter to the editor of the UnHeard Herald. But before I send it, I'm inviting you to read it and let me have your thoughts, especially if you find anything ambiguous or unclear, or mistyped.

Seriously. Thanks.

Letter to the editor:

Sloppy terminology and lazy thinking have made a mess in Iraq. We wish the people of the Middle East could live in peace and prosperity, but then we assume that all it takes to achieve that is an election.

In the West we've come to believe the sloppy mantra that "democracy is a good thing" (for the Middle East) and "the more democracy the better" (for our own society). In truth, democracy alone is useless - the reason Western societies are relatively stable and peaceful is that they spent centuries building and maintaining our civil liberties and the rule of law. Our electoral systems could not work otherwise.

That's why we call it "liberal democracy", not plain "democracy".

No wonder the people of Iraq are now disillusioned over their experiment with the ballot box. They wanted to believe our rhetoric that democracy would fix things for them, without the need first to establish the rule of law and guarantee civil rights.

To understand the folly in Iraq, imagine an experiment at the Flat Island jail - we sack the governor, send all the warders home, take the doors off the cells, and give the prisoners a ballot box and voting slips. It's hard to say exactly what would happen, but it wouldn't be peace, prosperity and individual liberty.

(I might scrub the last paragraph)

And meanwhile we're letting our politicians continue to dismantle our own civil liberties in the name of the fighting terrorism. One day we could wake up with all our liberties gone except the right to vote, and we'll wonder why our democracy no longer works.

Signed, A. Doll-Fiddler.

Please let me know if there's anything you think I could clarify, delete or amplify. I'm not asking you to agree with what I'm saying, in fact feel free to disagree.

Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Zeig! As a sufferer from NPD myself, I say down with decadent bourgeois liberal democrasy! Firstly, we need Big Arnie, The Governator, to be allowed to be Pres then everyone can vote for me. One world government, here we come! America has a Bill of Rights and a constitution and a good currency. What's the matter with us all giving in. Once I become President of the World, everyone will be forced to do four hours meditation a day. Hi tech agrarian socialism. Free beer for the workers! Hundred foot statues of moi everywhere. That would be paradise for me! Of course, I'll be in retreat almost permanently and I'm certainly not talking to any flatheids. That would be bound help! Hotboy  


Blogger Lee Ann said...

You have said it all. It is good that you are getting it off your chest.
Hotboy, you like Arni,huh?
The Governator, "will be back"!


Blogger Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say Hotboy! Perhaps President of the UnHeards should be your initial goal.



Blogger robmcj said...

HB - thanks for offering your customary illuminating commentary.

LA - thanks, I'm glad it made some kind of sense.

MM - are you really trying to start a civil war?  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous seb said...

Good for you...fighting back the right wing fascist tendency.

All I would say is

- why does 'West' need a capital letter?

- is the prison analogy sound...I doubt it...maybe wimmin going straight from tyrannical parent to philandering hubby would work better.

- do you need to make more than one starting in Iraq and ending with civil liberties back home?

- does election not have an 'r' in it?

Anyway...sorry about the school teacher approach...frankly I would ignore all of this apart from this - I first read the pseudonym as A dole fiddler! Nice one.  


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