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29 July 2006 at 20:20

religious leader returns from exile

Religious leader Madyamika Hotbolla has made a triumphant return to the UnHeard Of Islands from exile in Scotland.

A crowd of fanatical supporters lined the beaches of the main island, to witness the homecoming of the buddhist fundamentalist cleric.

His holiness the Madyamika - a title meaning literally "bliss artist" - emerged from his chartered boat looking tired and emotional.

At a press conference, he rejected allegations that his arrival may trigger a holy war against the legitimate Samsaran government of the islands. But then he made this veiled threat - "people who don't do the bliss will not survive".

Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Heil! Long live penguin power! Two flippers good: no flippers, ha, ha, ha! Hotboy  


Blogger lecram sinun said...

Too funny! LOL!  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

is this going into a book of yours or hotbolla's?

it should. it sounds like a great start to one anyways  


Blogger Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say,

I can verify that Hotboy makes an excellent 'bliss artist'.



Blogger robmcj said...

ray ray - but only history will reveal what kind of book. Could turn into a southern hemisphere War and Peace. I don't have the stomach to write the chapters on branding and gnashing of teeth, will you do them?

MM - you certainly get around. Don't you worry about all that jet fuel screwing the environment?  


Blogger JuTaW said...

interesting blog.... pretty funny stuff!

anyway thanks for visiting my blog...i doubt there will be an impeachment though....  


Blogger Lee Ann said...

I wish I had those adorable supporters come welcome me home!  


Blogger robmcj said...

JuTaw - good point, perhaps he'll fall on his sword? ;)

LA - The pec machine is my favourite at the gym. I'm going need a support bra too.  


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