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13 July 2006 at 09:58

what a relatively fortunate creature I am!

Whenever I get an attack of the screaming neck pain, I visit a chiropractor, a wee lady who uses a magic technique she learned from a guy in New York. She's the only practitioner here who uses the technique, and it always fixes me.

So last week I phoned her to make an appointment. The poor woman is not at all well. She's had an operation for brain cancer, plus radio- and chemo-therapy.

I had a long chat with her, and she asked me to pray for her. I told her that with my religious beliefs, meditation for her recovery would be more appropriate, and she was happy with that. But now I'm going to have to learn meditation, after successfully avoiding it for all these years.

I thought of outsourcing the job to someone else. There's a joe on the other side of the island who meditates a lot, but he has his hands full just meditating for himself and the bereaved pet owners, so he can't take the job. When I asked him to meditate for the recovery of my sore neck, he went all biblical and said "O reject medical student, heal thyself!"

So it looks like I'm going to have to start praying for the wee woman, while doing yoga poses for my neck. That sounds suspiciously like Buddhist meditation. Doh!

Thank you to the commenters who refrained from telling me the football result. I have now seen the video. Alastair asked if I could spot the most appalling moment in the game. Well, the Italians resorted to non-football tactics near the end of the game, but that's nothing new. If they're not faking in the penalty area, they're needling the other team's best penalty kicker.

Of course, Alastair you're quite right, Zidane's headbutt was a little irregular, but it brings up two things:
  1. The use of the video referee has now entered football by stealth.

  2. The real tragedy is that, if Zidane had only known he was going to be red-carded, he could have got in a kick to the goolies. What a missed opportunity to end his career on a high.

My ongoing apologies for my absence from my favourite blogs - but I can at least use the time I'm saving by not HNT-ing today, to check in quickly alastair, hotboy, lee ann, lelly, keda and MM. When the neck pain finally goes away, thank goodness I'll have Bloglines to take me to all the posts I've missed in the meantime.

Sources acknowledged.

Blogger lecram sinun said...

Going to miss you this week... but heal first!  


Blogger Suze said...

I've missed you but concentrate on getting better before you get excited!

Happy HNT sweetie ;)  


Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Heil! There's always somebody worse off than yourself! St Teresa prayed till she floated and got tons of ra bliss. Same juju really if you focus ra mind. You might have to join floaters anonymous. Hotboy  


Blogger Lelly said...

Don't make your neck worse by laughing at this joke:

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has been found head-butted to death in an apartment of a French footballer.

Police say it was murder on Zidane's floor

Get well soon!  


Blogger keda said...

oh lelly! (groans audibly)

finally i can say it.... SOD THE BLOODY ITALIANS (oops.. tourettes)


(breathes deaply...and) i was taught to close my eyes, reach deeply into my heart, go through a rose and bramble covered door into a riverside land where i hop on a boat and ask the boat man to take me across. where i meet the community of healers who give me a cup filled with light (my light was amber and green). i then think of this light and send it out to those who need healing.

you could give that a go?!

(my boatman incidentally looked like ray stevenson.. do you think thats a good or a bad thing? he's pretty tough.. always good to have by your side when fighting the powers of darkness i guess)

glad you feel a little better babe. i hope you feel better soon darling.
i'll have a go at sending over ray with some light for your friend.  


Blogger robmcj said...

lecram and suze - thanks pals, I've got 3 or 4 HNTs in progress, so I want to get back in the saddle.

keda - I'd like Ray Winstone as a boatman, or Ray Ray Winston. Thanks for the visulaisation outline.

lelly - LOL

HB - glad you made it back from Ling Island.  


Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Heil! Okay, she has been a help previously. If you meditate for her, so will I. If you do five minutes, so will I. Just tell me how much you're going to do, and I'll do it too. Actually, I'll do double what you do since you are a flatheid and won't find it as easy as me. Would this help with her grief, sorrow, lamentations ...suffering in this life? Probably not. But it would help you. She must feel very separate just now. It's just a view! Afflictive emotions. Dearie me! Hotboy  


Blogger robmcj said...

HB - thanks for your generous offer. If we do it, I'll let her know. Does the 5 minutes start before or after I calm myself down with the breathing?  


Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Heil! I guess it starts when it starts. That usually helps! Hotboy  


Blogger Lee Ann said...

I do understand Rob. I am sorry you are still burdened with the neck pain. When I had the neck pain, it unfortunately lasted for nearly 2 months. I hope yours heals quicker. The moist heat and neck massages did help me the most.
hugs to you!  


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