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21 October 2005 at 18:46

tri nations in the balance

I've started happy hour 30 minutes early today, very naughty. Tonight is the second match in the rugby league tri-nations series between Australia and NZ.

This is a picture of little Timmy when New Zealand scored the winner in the game last week.

If Australia wins tonight, that'll be yet more proof that everything balances out in the end.

At RaBlissBlog, I put out an appeal for suggestions about what to drink for tonight's match, but nobody could advise me. I guess I simply have to take responsibility for my own decisions. So Pelican Piss it is. Time to lie flat on the floor, put on the light-bending prismatic glasses, and set the remote control for the heart of the screen.

Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Zeig! The goggles are fantastic! A real boon for modern living. We know the fat kid is your son. Another case of things balancing out? Hope this helps! Hotboy  


Blogger Menzies Milngavie III said...

Dear Robmcj,

I know how much you enjoy good photographs, so here is one for your collection.



Blogger robmcj said...

You can watch TV or the computer screen while you are flat on your back & you don't even have to lift your head. When you look straight ahead, your view is tilted through 90° and you are actually looking at your feet. The ultimate couch potato accessory.

MM - If you see your friend Carslemain, I owe him an apology for misspelling his name.  


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