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09 November 2005 at 11:30

it was foretold

If only I had read my horoscope for the week, I could have avoided all that aggro from the moral minority and the fundamentalists.

My horoscope said:

Your golden qualities and your darker characteristics are both in evidence now.

That's horoscope-speak for the Taoist motto "everything balances out". It continues:

Your fiery charisma gets some people's blood pumping ...

(for example, the positive commenters on my last artwork, all female as it happens)

... but others find it too intense.

(the religious zealots - male as it happens - who dumped 30 paragraphs of "Good News" on my electronic doorstep, then complained to Blogger about my content).

You are too stimulating, so you might consider editing yourself a little this week.

That's exactly what hotboy said too! And I have indeed been editing myself today, as part of my plan to persuade Blogger to remove the shackles from my photo account. What a wonderfully apt horoscope! Now I can hardly wait till Saturday's paper, when they print the next horoscope. I think I already know what it's going to say:

A famous film star whose surname is Hudson sees your body parts on your blog, and offers you a job running her photo website. Everything balances up in the end.

Blogger hotboy said...

If Bloggyboss has done something to you for yon photie, then there's something right about the world! At last! Hotboy  


Blogger Lee Ann said...

Hope your week gets better!  


Blogger Menzies Milngavie III said...

Must have had one too many. The body parts have gone all fuzzy.



Blogger robmcj said...

A comment crowing over my misfortune, is immediately followed by a comment wishing me good fortune.

More proof that everything balances out!

At the Blissblog, Hotboy wants to know what happiness is. Happiness is balance. If you have more well wishers than malevolents in your life, you're on course for happiness.

Failing that, gather around you people like MM who are neutral, who don't care whether you are happy or not. They leave you alone so you can develop your happiness, standing on your head or whatever you need to do.

Carslemane, being an Aussie, is naturally happy - spend some time with him at Daly Waters and you'll be happy until the beer runs out. I've a feeling he may show up here soon.

I hope this helps.  


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