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05 December 2005 at 12:19

engineering a better mouse

Last week I was reading some of the computer journals and I came across some interesting research findings.

It seems that cognitive science engineers have discovered that women have more problems than men when using a standard computer mouse.

They found that there is not a physical reason for this; it is more of a cognitive problem. Some women reported that computer mice have never 'felt right' in their hands.

Based on this research, a new mouse has been designed especially for women. They have done field tests on the new prototype, and there was feedback from some women who have tried it:

"I think mice were originally designed just for men, but this new type is definitely made for women. It fits right in with my lifestyle".

"It feels so much better. More comfortable, more like how it's supposed to be".

"I took to it like a duck to water, every woman should have one!"

Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! That was funny! Hotboy  


Blogger Lelly said...

Rob thanks for stopping by my HNT. I would have liked to have commented on yours but your site wouldn't let me scroll down far enough to either:
A) finish reading your harrowing story
B) leave a comment
I thought your scar pics form last week were 'a joke'because you made so light of it...had no idea it was genuine! Hope you are fully recovered and fighting fit now? (I could only read as far as the young nurse reversing the drain procedure...arrgh!)

This mouse would never work for me...ironing is probably my least favourite domestic task! Now if they could somehow combine mouse dexterity with the consumption of chocolate...:-)  


Blogger Lee Ann said...

haha... I will stick to my own mouse. I don't think that new one would fit in my hand too well!
I could think of other designs that would be even better! ;)  


Blogger robmcj said...

HB - one does what one can to bring a little light into people's lives.

lelly - thanks for the feedback, sorry about the scrolling, I'm guessing you're using IE? The template is optimised for firefox and opera, I haven't found a way to remove the IE glitches.

LA - you are naughty but I like you.  


Blogger Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say Robmcj!

One can sometimes overcome that scrolling problem by resizing the browser.

Doviko was most interested in the iron/mouse. He's a dab hand at the ironing. My shirts, handkerchiefs and even undies are always perfectly creased. I have not told him it was a humorous cruel of me.



Blogger Carslemane Foraix said...

G'day Robbo, and another hot one it looks like. Strewth - when's that slab going to arrive?

Found this picture which I thought you might appreciate.  


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