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11 April 2006 at 07:53

visit scotland

Scotland seems to be making world headlines these days. Top-ranking country for single motherhood, female violence and childhood obesity. And as of this week, the country is now officially a bird flu zone. Yet still some people say Scotland isn't world-class.

To promote Scotland to foreign tourists, there's now a government web site . It lists some of the many other reasons for visiting Scotland. Here are two photos from the website,

This photo of tourist accommodation is captioned: "Remember to bring your earplugs in case of snoring room-mates."

In Scotland, smoking used to be the most popular way to reduce family size. But since smoking was banned (except in your own home), picnicking under an overhanging caravan is now the recommended culling method.

But I still love visiting Scotland, mainly because of the great people and the country lifestyle. According to the BBC, if it wasn't for the Scottish Highlands, the tradition of sheep-shagging might have died out long ago.

picture of sheep dating festival

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