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10 May 2006 at 07:03

the great demon drink

Just back from the morning dog walk. This week I've been doing cold turkey on the tea front, but as a result the dog-walks have been joyless, even the MP3 music sounds boring.

First thing this morning I made a cup of herb tea, but then I cracked, and brewed up a cup of real strong black tea with milk. With the first sip, every cell in my body jumped for joy and shouted "Here we go!"

And it was a great walk, with the occasional break into skipping, or running up steps in the rock when the African MP3s came on the headphones. What a great drug is tea!

Kids, if you're reading this, forget designer hallucinogenics and narcotics, this is the real thing, the thinking person's high. Live life at double speed, with no after-effects, only benefits. Hang on, that can't be right. Everything balances up, so there has to be a down side. But what is it? I can't imagine.

The chap who writes alastair's heart monitor has been in contact, to explain why he doesn't allow comments.

So if you're reading this Alastair, here's the comment I would have left at your aintree iron post:

As a kid hearing that song, I wondered what the Aintree Iron was. I assumed it might be the name of a horse race at Aintree, like the Aintree Grand National. Google reveals a host of interpretations.

Dismayed to hear you had some abusive comments. As if major surgery wasn't enough to be getting on with. All the best, robmcj.
PS - Apologies for suggesting your name wasn't real. Some of mine aren't, you see.

But now it's time to get back to work. I've got Lee Ann's meme to finish, and there's another fruit-based video I need to upload to Google Video, so they have time to approve it before tomorrow's HNT.

PET HATE OF THE DAY: People who put their pistachio shells back in with the pistachios.

DOG-WALKING MUSIC FOR THE DAY: Anything by the late great Fela Kuti, who was Nigeria's own Duke Ellington/James Brown/Miles Davis and political thorn in the side of Nigerian governments all his life. He had about 28 wives, each more stunning than the next.

I saw him play in Toronto, and it's the only concert I have ever had to walk out of after the first couple of hours, because the music was too unrelentingly good. Why couldn't he have thrown in the occasional boring tune? Everything should balance up.

Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Heil! I found out what an MP3 player was a couple of weeks ago. They're far too small. Also, these memory stick things! I blame all this nonsense on Star Trek! Imagine putting milk in your tea! What a wimp! I've just had a cup of Tetley's straight, no milk, no sugar. How about injecting some? That's bound to help! Hotboy
p.s. What an idiot that boy is, with his 28 wives! The queue for the bog in the morning must be something else!  


Blogger robmcj said...

HB - LOL x 3  


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