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11 May 2006 at 08:25

HNT dance class

After making a few Monty Python films, John Cleese moved on to found a company making educational films, and the rest is history. He's a very rich man now.

So, following the surprising reaction to my first two strawberry films (Strawberry Man and The Death of Strawberry Man) I have branched out into educational videos.

THIS WEEK'S HNT is a first lesson in how to get a partner. If you're averse to nudity, I should warn you that the demonstration involves 4 couples without clothing, but the video is perfectly SFW (suitable for work).

Or for the broadband-challenged, here are some stills from the film:

If you missed previous HNTs, you can access all the old half baked posts here.


Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Heil! Shame I don't know how to work the video. So is there four naked couples and one severed leg? I was never any good at these sex parties. I always end up in the kitchen with the severed leg! That doesn't help. Hotboy p.s. You could sell the leg on ebay as a companion for some lonely dog. Or send it to me and I can spice up the cannibal soup. I think I need to attract the psychopaths and not the homeopaths.  


Blogger Wenchy said...

LOL @ hotboy  


Blogger Lelly said...

Rob/Alec??? Love the vid, can't wait for the next lesson! Also love you and your partners' accents (I am such a sucker for Scortish accents)...I thought you were American for some reason!
Hotboy's comment is hilarious! HHNT!  


Blogger lime said...

what a stitch! i can't wait for the next lesson! HHNT  


Blogger Suze said...

LMAO, can I join in if I bring a banana? I eagerly await part two. Love those Scottish accents.

Happy HNT sweetie ;)  


Blogger Bekah said...

Happy HNT! Very nice!  


Blogger Crimson said...

I couldn't get it to play :( HHNT anyway!!  


Anonymous t said...

Hey. I appreciate you stopping by. I use the Mr. Beer method of brewing but am not afraid to step off the beaten path. We live in bum-effed Egypt and don't have a brewer supply store here. The Carribean Lime was light and refreshing and just spectacular. Beers to you and HHNT.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am broadband challenged :( I couldn't play it. I'm not quite sure what to make of the man with all the apples ??? could be interesting :)



Blogger barefoot_mistress said...

I will practice the hand pose until next week! LOL HHNT  


Blogger robmcj said...

Hotboy that was very good, a five-laugh commment. If only you could do the same thing at your blog, you could drop all the bliss stuff once and for all.

PS try and get broadband before next week's HNT video, which will feature yourself.  


Blogger miss_lissa said...

lol @ hotboy and loved the video HNT!!

ooooo the nudity!

Happy HNT!  


Blogger Tricia said...

LOL at hotboy.

I wonder what would happen if they start eating before the dancing begins?



Blogger Lee Ann said...

Great photos and fantastic video. I love the accents!
Very cute!
Happy HNT!  


Blogger Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say,

Its obvious from that video that the North Beach, UnHeard Island accent is quite different from the Shag Island, Unheard Island accent.

Anyway, on a completely different topic, I thought you might enjoy this humorous website which is for dog lovers.



Blogger Carslemane Foraix said...

G'day Robbo.

Geez - you should NOT give your beer to the locals on UnHeard. See what happens?  


Blogger HNB said...

Oh my, halfnekkid fruits. Are those fruits about to start square dancing?

That's fabulous!  


Blogger robmcj said...

Menzies, welcome back. I assumed you were off on your secret world tour.

The dance lesson accent is actually not mine. I was behind the camera.

Excellent dog site.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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