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14 September 2006 at 07:46

HNT race against time with handprint

BACKGROUND: According to USA Today, Germany is home to about 900 members of Hezbollah.

Germany's refusal to take part in the U.S.-led war in Iraq used to reassure Germans that Islamic terrorists would focus elsewhere. "We didn't fight in Iraq, and until now we assumed that if we behaved well in the world, nothing would happen to us," said one woman. Until now, Hezbollah has ordered its people not to engage in terrorist attacks in Germany, according to a public report by the intelligence agency for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

But the two train bombers arrested in Germany recently were Lebanese. A Middle East expert and government policy consultant said, "Germany did not call for an immediate cease-fire (during Israeli attacks) in Lebanon, and that was disappointing in the Arab world. Some radical forces now think Germany should be punished."

Decades ago, a friend persuaded me to have my palm read by a clairvoyant. At the time, I treated the whole thing as a laugh, a bit like a visit to the circus. So I can only remember three things that the clairvoyant said:

  1. I would get very sick around age 33, but I would recover. True!
  2. I wouldn't be rich, but I would never run out of money. True!
  3. I would die suddenly, at the age I am now.
Well, 2 out of 3 isn't too bad. The last one can't be true, because here I am, alive and well and about to go on holiday to the fatherland. By plane. Six planes, actually. British Airways. Through London Heathrow. In Germany, I'll be travelling by train. What could possibly go wrong? Can anyone read palms?

For security reasons, I have shrunk my handprint to hide most of the details. I know somebody who would just love to stick a thumb tack in my lifeline.

Last Christmas someone gave me Robert Fisk's ironically-titled The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East. It's a huge book, so I have just been staring at it since Christmas, wondering when I'll have time to read it. Recently I thought I'd try and read it before I'm obliterated. That way, at least I might better understand why.

In the last 2 months I have read the first 100 pages. That leaves just 1300 more pages to read in the next 4 days, before I fly to London. I don't think I'm going to make it.

Perhaps I should give up on the book, and go to the movies instead. What's showing just now? United 93. That should help take my mind off things.

Have you noticed how some bloggers are gradually losing the will to blog? I can't blame them.

The world wide mess makes it hard sometimes to see the point of anything. Things have even got so bad that I've decided to double my medication. That should help. Even if I have to stay on it for the rest of my life, I've got 2 packets left. Plenty.

Of course, one of the side-effects of the drug is that you can't ejaculate. For most of my life I had the opposite problem. Everything's balancing up. I already achieved lifetime membership of the mile-high club long ago (solo division).


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Blogger keda said...

now i'm only going to say this once and in my Sharpest Voice Possible..

"i demand that you live, return, and get a repeat prescription.."

well you can scrub the last one actually.. finish the book instead. i think everyone should play doubles on a plane once at least before they die.. so that's another good reason to live and return, so there!

and, AND, i always hated that in disaster movies as a kid that the bearded bloke and the black bloke always died first.. my dad had a beard. no fair said i.
so i also demand you tell your partner you love her and prove the buggers wrong on that one too.

its your duty man. and besides, you really don't want me to get cross now do you?  


Blogger Px said...

nice print...cunnung idea, i've not done things like that for a while, tried to do it with my daughter recently, but she didn't quite grasp the idea to be honest lol



Blogger robmcj said...

keda, you're a trooper through and through. Assuming I survive at least the outward flight, I'll be blogging the stultifying small town German life. Will you post from the States?

px - er, exactly which thing did you do with your daughter?  


Blogger Isolde said...

well. Be safe, willya?


Blogger LEE ANN said...

I am sick to death of war and terrorism. Everyone should live by the "Golden Rule". Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Wow, your reading was pretty good. Let's hope she had a glitch in your palm for the last prediction.

I hope you have a wonderful trip. I would hate to fly that stress level would be way up. Be safe.

Double your meds? Are you sure?
Lucky you for being a member of the mile high club. I would like to become a member someday, but I dislike the flying part of it! ;)

Happy HNT sweetie!


Blogger Spitfire said...

here is what I have to my hangover stupor...

I can remote view you if I want - your hand looks like mine..

when you curl it, it makes an M right?

Shaddup everyone, I am a total flake...

I read palms to freak out my coworkers, never professionally.

I read five books on how to do it, what the lines mean, etc.

It is interesting shit.

Oh, and uh, you are now getting on planes?

*raises eyebrow*

Just know that if you don't you can *make* your own doomsday not to know about the future, doll.  


Blogger Sexy Duet said...

Heh, we all have to go sometime but who wants to know when its going to be. I am sure your time is not now - have a fantastic trip. Happy HNT!

Ms SD  


Blogger Suze said...

Rob, you'll be around for years yet don't believe a word of it! Great post very orginal.

Have a good time in Germany and bring me back a sausage. LOL

Happy HNT sweetie ;)  


Blogger barefoot_mistress said...

I already achieved lifetime membership of the mile-high club long ago (solo division)....

Heh! HHNT Mate!  


Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Heil! Somebody told me what the series Lost is about. You start by flying from the Unheard of Island and crash into The Lost World. Everyone will think you've been eaten up by prehistoric monsters, but you'll have much more fun than going back to the Fatherland! Remember The Alamo! That should help! Hotboy  


Blogger lime said...

i agree with keda....go, return, get more meds. live well! have a great trip



Blogger Schadeboy said...

I don't think it's your time to go.

I hope it's not the pilot's time...

Planes and Tranes. All you need are a few automobiles and you'll have a great name for a movie.

Happy HNT!  


Blogger Tricia said...

I'm imagining that handprint on my ass. Only bigger.



Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Zeig! I think as the Chairperson of the Peoples Republic of my half of the Unheard of Island, I suggest we work out a communique to forestall the arrival of the suicide penguin battalion ... or at least get them to come to your half of the island. Well... maybe we should wait to see if you crash first. Two predictions out of three is quite good, don't you think? I'm impressed. It doesn't help! Hotboy  


Blogger robmcj said...

lee ann - the flying is the easy part. Thanks for the good thoughts.

spitfire - thanks. As you say, I'm better not knowing any more.

suze - thanks to your HNT I know what kind of sausage to bring you.

tricia - I'll take that thought on the plane with me. You've made one man very happy.

HB - who will broker the truce? Please not Kofi again.  


Blogger ion said...

I told my Morningside doc about the anorgasmia from the pills (which is well documented) and she was quite annoyed I would find that irritating. But then she's all velvet hairbands, pearls, labradors and jolly hockey-sticks. That side effect goes away quite quickly- be reassured.  


Blogger robmcj said...

I had a Morningside doc once. She refused to refer me for a vasectomy. Mind you, I was only 17 at the time.  


Blogger Lee Ann said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  


Blogger robmcj said...

lee ann - I have deleted your last comment, to keep your email address confidential. Thanks.  


Blogger Lee Ann said...

So funny, you read my mind! You are a doll...thanks  


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