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17 September 2006 at 08:41

a narrow escape

A couple of posts ago, I observed that whenever two people in a disaster movie say "I love you" to each other, one of them will be killed.

The very next day, I farewelled my boss before going on leave, and she said "I love you." Not only was I embarrassed, I knew that if I completed the verbal transaction (what George Costanza calls the "I-love-you-return") , one of us was dead, probably the one going on all the planes tomorrow. So I walked off, pretending I hadn't heard her.

Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Zeig! What! Your boss told you she loved you and you just did .... zilch! Walked away! I told someone that once and I didn't believe it and it's done my head in ever since. This is no shallow comment. At least, you could have said: I love you too, babes, like Jack Nicholson did in that movie. You didn't even acknowledge this at all! Dearie me! Okay, send her to the hut! This person definitely requires serious physical counselling. The ropes are still there from when you're maw ran off! The residue helps! Hotboy  


Blogger Lee Ann said...

Wow, that sure was friendly of your boss! I am not sure what I would do if my boss said he loves me.
I love the reference to George Costanza. That sounds exactly like something he would say "I-love-you-return".

I don't think I would have responded either!
You will have a safe trip....I know you will!
oh yeah..."I love you"!!!!!
haha ;)  


Blogger ion said...

If we say "I hate you", will it break the jinx :)? You'll be back safe and sound with your sleep diary, I am quite sure. Bumblebees (Bombus) aren't supposed to be able to fly either, but quite clearly they do, all the time.  


Blogger keda said...

oh my god! your boss is trying to kill you??? that's awful.

you did the right thing clearly, don't give her the pleasure. sneeky little snot brain.

thats it, you've got to live now just to spite her.  


Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Zeig? George Constanza? BTW it could have been a hallucination due to you not meditating. Maybe it's the pills. Can I have some? I love you. I love you. I love you. That would help! Hotboy  


Blogger Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say!

Apologies for my tardiness in posting. Touch of the big 'M' over the last two weeks. More or less partially recovered now, except that I think the producers of Fansidar should give more adequate warning about the side effects of taking their products along with a stiff MGT.

WRT one of your previosu postings about HotBoy, did Billy Bunter ever celebrate the occasion of his fourtieth birthday?

I do believe that malaria may be the biggest killer disease in the world. It didn't get me this time, though. It got my dear friend and associate M.O'D though, some time back.

I say! What are you and your boss doing pledging yourselves to each other in eternity?

I have no boss anymore. I refuse to report to anyone, nowadays.

I once had a magnificent boss whose nickname was "Attila the Hun in Designer Clothes". My goodness, she was a decent boss! Dressed well, as well.

One should always keep up appearances. It's half the battle, is what I say.



Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Zeig! Okay? Ask yourself some simple questions. Are you heterosexual? Does your boss have a beard? Is she a WOMAN? Has a woman said, "I love you" to you and then you walked away without responding at all. Can I write the screenplay? Sorry, this is no help at all! Hotboy
p.s. A couple of girls told me they loved me, but they were only trying out the words. Was this a mature, grown up woman who said this to you? Mnnn? Please present her with my email address and tell me what her immediate response is. Better a rebound than nothing!  


Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Heil! Ziggy! Right, so you sit down in the company of this Josephine, and she spontaneously comes over and starts rubbing your shoulders, and that kind of thing always happens. Like, she wants to touch you all the time. And every time you do something stupid, she stands by your shoulders and says: I love you. I just love you. Well done for walking away from that, Adolf! Well done! You deserve to die! Hotboy  


Blogger robmcj said...

Hotters and Mingers - if she was drop-dead gorgeous, would I have walked away? She's what you'd call a very nice person. She has some weird idea that I'm an honourable man. If she ever saw this blog ...  


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