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24 May 2006 at 08:59

are we there yet?

It seems everyone in the world is either talking to god, reading their respective scriptures, or whiling the time away with fiction and films about religion. Is it Armageddon yet?

I'm basically a heathen but I use freelance Taoism, which advises against all striving because everything will achieve balance anyway. This religion is just made for under-achievers like me. And once you tune in to the Tao, you notice it operating everywhere. No need for books, temples, incantations, priests, movies.

For instance, on Sunday I spent all day sitting at the PC, editing the forthcoming video of the hotboy interview, to show him in the best possible light. As a result, I ended up with an attack of the screaming neck pain, and had to take one of hotboy's mum's knockout painkillers.

You see what's happening here? Everything's balancing up. Hotboy giveth the pain, and hotboy taketh it away again. The deity moves in mysterious ways. Now the after-effects of the painkillers have made me high as a sugar-hyped teenager, so maybe the deity's trying to get me to meditate. Maybe I should surrender to it, and try a few breaths. But then the second video, the robmcj one, would never get edited in time for the next HNT. So stuff the meditation and pass the pills.

Menzies was asking me about the painkillers (Coproxamol). They have been withdrawn from the market, because people were using them to top themselves. This is the litigation culture at work again.

Last time I was in Scotland (for the filming of the hotboy interviews, as it happens) I went to Boots the chemist to stock up on their magic little steel nail files, which are unheard of on the UnHeard Of Island. It turns out they've been withdrawn from sale too! It seems a teenage girl used one to stab another girl quite seriously, and as a result we all have to go file our nails with those sandpaper sticks or a rough stone.

The west should forget about bombing the middle east back to the stone age. Thanks to the lawyers we're heading there ourselves.

Ra Bliss Blog has started a policy of bulk deletion of people's comments. As a result, I'll be reproducing my Bliss Blog comments here, for posterity. Starting with today's comment at Ra Murrayfield :

"Accidentally" deleted? Who's going to believe that. I can't remember what my own wise words were about, but I probably overstepped the mark. Give us a clue, can you?

Last time I was at Murrayfield for an international rugby match, The polis weren't a disgrace but I was. I should have ended up in jail. I was about 15, and it was November, around Guy Fawkes time. Drunk on Crawfords Three Star, I decided it would be funny to throw lighted bangers forward into the crowd. Fortunately, after I had done a few, a guy behind me offered to take my teeth out if I continued.

Do I need to take a backup of this comment in case you remove it? Maybe you could publish a set of guidelines. That would help.

I remember now, I had offered you some free advice on Americanisms. Probably not a tactful thing to do to a writer. But I was only helping!

Late afternoon. My sanity levels, never that high at the best of times, seem to have gone into free fall this week, since the painkiller incident. I've got multiple blog personality syndrome, plus I keep spewing out comments everywhere, and there's no time to read any comments I might be receiving here. Does one know if one's totally losing it? Is it like B.O. and nobody tells you? Tomorrow is HNT day, maybe that will trigger a return to normality.

Blogger Lee Ann said...

I am glad you reproduced the Ra Bliss blog comments.

Sleepy...going to bed...nitey nite Rob!  


Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Zeig! Can't follow this as to what is going on. What is going on then? Are you back to chewing the carpets like in the old days? Can you perform as a kamamudra if you've had hip replacements. I don't see why not! It's illusory anyway, intit? So I'll try to find her, but I fear my spiritual development has a bit to go. Do you think it's possible just to know? It would help if it was. Hotboy  


Blogger hotboy said...

By the way, this story about Murrayfield is an awful story. What are the evil bourgeois coming to when they behave like that. Chucking bangers into the crowd. I always knew us Kafflics were far superior. Hotboy.p.s. why did you want to drink at fifteen? I don't drink at all, of course.  


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