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01 June 2006 at 10:16

the mother of all HNTs

My old dear (in some areas of Scotland, old dear = mother) takes exercise quite seriously for an 80-year-old. Hotboy lives in the gardener's quarters round the corner from her, and the two of them once shared an energetic Lady Chatterley moment in the woods. Naturally I have anonymised her features here - if he saw her face again it might bring it all back for him.

Also, there are some people after my inheritance, if they could just identify her on the way home from the bank.

Normally the old dear is excessively correct. Everything has to be perfect, just how she wants it. Sometimes she takes the scissors to photos, and cuts off anything that's not perfect. For example, in my own christening photo, she chopped out my father. True. And she loves throwing things out. If someone's not smiling in a photo, or they're not standing straight, or not wearing a tie, she puts it in the bin. But to her credit, she resisted the urge to throw me out when I was a kid.

In her dotage now, she's actually loosening up, or maybe just losing it. Last week she sent me 2 pictures. After this picture was taken, she got off the exercise bike and lined up my stepfather for a photo with the bike in the background.

You can see her second photo if you click the image. I'm so glad it got past her quality control.

PS - I've being template-tinkering, so now all comments show up twice, but I'll fix it.


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Blogger Suze said...

Oooh, that's so sweet. I see you got the clicky thing working this week.

Happy HNT sweetie ;)  


Blogger Lelly said...

Your mother sounds like 'quite a character' the best possible way, and her photos are almost as amusing as yours! HHNT!x  


Blogger keda said...

so that's where you get it from!

i laughed out loud. which the men putting a new door on my fridge found very funny, if a bit sad.

great picture. and hhnt babe*  


Blogger lime said...

tooo cute. how funny. your mum sounds like a feisty thing. good for her. happy HNT  


Blogger Lil Bit said...

Not playin' HNT this week afterall, but told ya I'd pop by to visit, so I am! =)

Your old dear sounds like a true dear!
*hugs* & HHNT!  


Blogger Wenchy said...

LOL Oh I loved that! Your mom sounds fabulous.  


Blogger Becca said...

I like your old dear already!! The photo is is the story behind it!



Anonymous orchid said...

"Old dear" - charming! I wonder if I could train my kids to call me that? Your mother sounds like a card. HHNT!  


Blogger BKS said...

Nice story to go along with nice pic...hhnt to you



Blogger barefoot_mistress said...

Very cute! Go mom go! HHNT  


Blogger Lelly said...

...and they're wearing matching outfits! How cute! (though I suspect your mam would object to being called 'cute'!)  


Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Zeig! You've rubbed out your maw and your evil stepdad (how long has he been dead for?) has horns growing out of his head. Says it all. Bound to help! Hotboy  


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Happy HNT  


Blogger Lee Ann said...

Rob, that is great. I am impressed that your mom rides the exercise bike at that age. Your stepdad looks so cute with antlers coming from the side of his head!
Happy belated HNT! Great pictures.  


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